Teacher Training

Vinieyoga Academy's History of Teacher Training

Vinieyoga Healing Centre has been conducting teacher training courses since 2014. Typically, the student strength is about 6-12 students per batch. 

We have also conducted customized teacher trainings of different durarions.  For instance, in 2014, 2015 and 2016, we conducted six-month courses conducted for students from Japan. In March 2024, we conducted a 3-hour workshop on 'Sound in Asana Practice'. Despite being virtual, our classes are always live, we do not use recorded sessions. 

Until 2020, our course extended over one year with in-person weekend classes.  During 2020, with the COVID pandemic prevalent all over the world, we started to offer group trainings online; and Vinieyoga Academy, the education arm of Vinieyoga Healing Centre, was born. We discovered that we were able to transfer knowledge and share classes through the virtual platform quite comfortably. We loved being able to connect with students and practitioners outside across national and international borders. In 2024, we are undertaking our seventh batch of online teacher training. 

Apart from these group teacher training courses, we also conducted serveal one-on-one training courses

Continuing (your yoga) education

Those who have completed our teacher training course can continue their education through our specialized teacher training courses that include:

Yoga for Pregnant Women

Yoga for Children

Yoga for Special Children

Yoga for Senior Citizens

Yoga for Dancers

Yoga for Sportspersons

Yoga for Singers

and others


Bring focus to your therapy trainings

Yoga therapy for menstrual issues / management

Yoga therapy for pain management

Yoga therapy for sleep disorders

Yoga therapy for diabetes management

Yoga therapy for hypertension

Yoga therapy for management of hypo- and hyperthyroidism

Yoga therapy for hormonal issues, including PCOS / PCOD / endometriosis

Yoga therapy for alignment and musculoskeletal issues 

and others

Our student network: Testimonials 

Students who have completed our teacher training courses are teaching all over the world. We continue to mentor our teachers and have a strong network across borders.

Aditi Chandrasekhar, yoga teacher, is a 2012 graduate (500 hours) from Vinieyoga Healing Centre (VHC). After having taught in India and the US, she now teaches classes (in-person and virtual) from Montreal, Canada.  She says: "I started my teacher training course, hoping to just understand my own practice a little better. After leading my first class at VHC, I realized how much I loved teaching and how much more there was to learn. My training and my continuing education in viniyoga through our academy has allowed me to remain adaptable and meet the different needs, goals and abilities of my practitioners and of my own personal practice." 

Jayachitra Ragupathy, yoga teacher, is a 2020 graduate from Vinieyoga Healing Centre. After completing her Yoga Therapy training at our academy, she has now moved to Washington, USA. She says: "My personal practice is more attuned to my day to day needs now. I hope to apply more [of what I learnt] when I start to teach."

Anju Sundarrajan, yoga teacher, is a 2020 graudate (200 hours) from Vinieyoga Healing Centre: "Having learnt about the multiple dimensions of wellness – in body and mind – from my mentors at VHC, I am based in Chennai, India and work with students from India and the US. I have seen the positive influence that yoga has one people's lives and amazing results it can produce in practitioners across ages. The awareness, acceptance and appreciation of the practice has been overwhelming and welcome."

Silaja Karthikeyan, yoga teacher, is a 2015 graduate from Vinieyoga Healing Centre: "I teach personalized classes  ranging from fitness to therapy depending on the students requirement. My youngest  student  is 13 years old and my oldest student is over 80 years old.  Through personalized  one-on-one sessions, I am able to  work on each student's  personal requirement, keeping in mind  their strengths and weaknesses. This  approach builds  the student's confidence and they see progress safely and quickly. I have  been  working with  a lot of students  with  health issues  like  diabetes,  blood pressure , thyroid,  cancer, asthma,  heart  ailments  to name a few  and  being part of  their  journey to lead a healthy and pain free life has  been the greatest  and most humbling experience of my life."

Shivani Rishi, yoga teacher, is a 2017 graduate from Vinieyoga Healing Centre: "Learning at VHC has been a great journey for me. The entire faculty has been amazing! Yoga has helped me a lot with my own health and in my approach to various things in life. This was my driving factor to be a teacher – to be able to help others in their journey of well being."